Sometimes life just seems too hectic, to full of so many things happening, and so messy – that it is easy to lose ourselves in it all, and to lose our focus on our spiritual needs.  In the last month we have seen that big storm that caused so much damage in our area and created quite the mess.  I am still hearing new stories about how some homes were affected and the clean up that needed to happen.  We can give thanks that despite all that damage – it seems no one in the Tully area was injured, even if we did see property damage.

            Sometimes the messiness in our lives is from good chaos as well.  Between April and September I will somehow have been associated with five weddings (we all know how much stress they can cause for those involved).  College testing and classes have completed for those of you attending, and the end of school is near for many more of our young ones and their families.  As enjoyable as such times can be, they also lead to change in schedules, vacations, need to arrange care for our youngest, and so many other seasonal changes, that we often feel stressed as well as the joy of the summer season.

            In the world around us, we have seen other kinds of chaos, with terrorist attacks, uncertainty about many things that are politically driven, the increase of threats from certain countries and increasing tensions between others.  As much as we may feel somewhat isolated from all that “world” chaos here in Tully, the truth is it all has an impact on us as well, and can lead to uncertainty and doubt.

            This past Sunday we looked at Genesis 1, and considered the chaos that it says existed before God spoke and brought order to the world.  That is important because it reminds us that God has faced tremendous chaos before,

and out of it was able to create the beautiful, ordered, world we know.   That can be a comforting thought for anyone facing

chaos and messiness in their own life, knowing that God knows how to deal with chaos. 

            Yet often, individuals may feel that their own personal lives are so messy that they are somehow not worthy, or not spiritual enough.  We may fear that we lose our focus on Christ and let other factors become more important in our lives.  As Mike Yaconelli put it in his book Messy Spirituality “…after forty five years of trying to follow Jesus, I keep losing him in the crowded busyness of my life.”

            In this book, Yaconelli was writing to all of us who feel that we sometimes (or often) may not be good enough, spiritual enough, or perfect enough for Christ.  He challenges those ideas and instead suggests that “imperfection, unfinishedness and messiness are in fact the earmarks of trueChristianity and that real Christianity is messy, erratic, lopsided …and gloriously liberating”.  For me, this book, which is grounded in scripture,  provides and uplifting and empowering message for us all and my plan is to consider its messages as part of a Sermon Series in July.  I hope you join us for that series and that you find a Messy Spirituality, grounded in the chaos of our lives that empowers and strengthens your personal discipleship and connection to Christ.

In Christ’s Peace,

Pastor Doug Mackey

  Ecclesiastes 3:11      "He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet[ a ] no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end..."