How Can I Support the Ministry of TUCC?

Through the years, members and friends have given to the Tully United Community Church by their weekly donations at worship. They often have filled out a pledge of support during the year and then been given Giving Envelopes. The purpose of the envelope giving is to record the amount of your gift which is reported yearly in a letter to you, for tax purposes.

These gifts may be received in the form of cash or checks but in recent years other methods of supporting the work of your church have emerged.

We have recently acquired the ability to receive donations of stock. If a stock transfer is of interest to you  please contact the office during business hours or talk to our Secretary, Dawn Cox. 

Purpose of the Permanent Endowment Fund

Members and friends of The Tully United Community Church have in the past and will in the future respond to God’s call to be faithful stewards!  As we respond to God with our lives, our faith finds expression in and through the mission of the people of God in our faith community. Our belief in God as creator places a claim on all our possessions, both present and future income which includes our accumulated assets.

To facilitate the receiving of gifts that will be used for long-term ministry, the church has established a Permanent Endowment Fund.  The purpose of the Fund is to provide a way for members and friends of congregation to make contributions, knowing that the money and other tangible goods given will be invested and the interest used for the long-term ministry of the church.

We understand that this supplements rather than supplants the regular annual giving which supports the ongoing operational expenses of the church.  It is anticipated that much of the income for the Fund will come through wills and bequests, memorial gifts, and other special gifts.  We urge that the Fund be considered in estate planning.

Goal of the Fund and Annual Giving

Our goal is that gifts to the Fund from members and friends of the church will provide a means for the church to expand current ministry and facilities as well as to respond to new opportunities for ministry in local, state, national, and international contexts that otherwise would not be possible.  The church has established guidelines to assure donors and potential donors that gifts will be maintained and used on a long-range basis.

It is important to note that members and friends of the church are asked not to view gifts to the Fund as an alternative to regular annual giving to support the operational budget of the church.  A financial stewardship program is undertaken each year to secure commitments for the annual program of the church.  Gifts should not be diverted from annual giving.  Rather, gifts to the Fund should be considered over and beyond support of the annual program of the church.

Uses of the Fund

Guidelines established by the congregation call for the Fund to be used for the maintenance of and capital improvements to our properties; the wider mission of the church beyond our congregation to our community, nation and world; and for expansion into, or extension of, new areas of ministry to which we may be called.

You are invited to consider making a gift or bequest to the Permanent Endowment Fund of the Tully United Community Church!  For more information, please contact the Pastor, any member of the Board of Stewards or the Church Council.