Welcoming the Little Ones

“It belongs to the center of the Christian message that children are not properties to own and rule over, but rather gifts to cherish and care for.  Our children are like the most important guests, who enter into our home, ask for careful attention, stay for a while and then leave to follow their own way.”

In a way, children are strangers whom we have to get to know.  They have their own style, their own rhythm and their own capacities for goodness and mischief.  They cannot be explained fully by looking at their parents.  Each child carries a promise, a hidden treasure that has to be led into the open in a hospitable home.  It takes a lot of time and patience to make the little stranger feel at home, and for this we have to be most intentional about welcoming the little ones.   Each of us must engage in acts of love and compassion for the children among us if our relationships are to grow and deepen.

Each of us in this congregation has something to offer in the task of caring for the little ones among us.  In our every interaction with children, we can offer them a safe place in which to grow into faithful adults.  We can offer a place where children can ask questions without fear and can often experiment with life without taking the risk of rejection.  We can offer a place where children will be encouraged to listen to their own inner selves and to develop the freedom that gives them the courage to eventually leave us and travel on to new vistas.

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Baptism and Dedication

INFANT AND CHILDREN’S BAPTISM can be held anytime. Anyone wishing to have his child baptized or dedicated is asked to see Reverend Richard G. Reed, following worship, to schedule a date.

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