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Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving–it doesn’t matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. Come, even if you have broken your vow a hundred times. Come, come again, come.     ~Rumi

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To find us, see the map below right.

To find us, see the map below right.

Summertime Vacations and Loving the Earth


It’s Summertime, time to get out of the house and maybe go on a vacation. It’s time to vacate the usual course of our living and recreate, perhaps in the wilderness. From time to time in our lives, we need to get away from our safe and fabricated climates and breathe in some fresh clean air, live close to the earth, smell the pine trees and not be afraid to stand out in the rain!

We need to let go of our illusions of self control. We need to escape the great variety of false promises, the deceptions that are continually trying to sell us something and hide us from reality.  Vacations can be a time of giving ourselves over to the universe and cleanse us of the debris we build up in our lives. It can free us from the dictates of our manufactured needs, our conditioned responses to the world around us. 

The Psalmists lived closer to the earth… the resources of our planet had a glory that was lauded by babes and infants, the moon, the stars, were gifts of God to be cherished along with all of humanity - created just a little lower than the angels... in the Psalms the oceans “clap their hands” and the hills “sing together for joy”…the glory of God, reflected in the world around them.

In this season of Summer, we too should get closer to the earth of God’s creation. We should take time to enjoy one of our wonderful state parks and public lands and sing with St. Francis who prayed:  “Dear Mother earth who day by day, unfoldest blessings on our way… sister water flowing clear, makes music for all to hear.” Far too often in our technological society, we do not hear those sounds, we forget those blessings that earlier peoples understood so clearly.


We should be wary of the heedless ones among us who treat the earth for profit alone, who act as if they never need to walk this land again… who act as if there were no future.

 “All that is good and all of our wealth is gained from the resources of the earth and the longer we overspend them - without returning them in a useable way - the greater will be our debt to the earth which sustains us…. 

Unfortunately, for the most part many of the people who take out the mortgage on our future are not the ones who end up trying to pay back the principle and interest.  Society in general often bears the burden of the wealthy few, many years later.      Mike Storey in Heartland: A Natural History of Onondaga County


Summer Preaching

 This Summer I thought that I might preach on some of my favorite texts! They would include some of my favorite Bible Stories: The Creation, Noah, Jacob, Moses, The Prodigal, Jesus in the Storm, Zaccheaus, the sick man at poolside and I guess I won’t get to them all! One of our members asked for a reprise of a sermon I preached when she first visited us, a sermon which convinced her that this was the church for her. Therefore Marie Kemp and I will be teaming up once more for Adam and Evita!