If you are interested in joining the church, new members are welcome anytime. Speak to Rev. Richard G. Reed following morning  worship or see John Burgett, chair of Mission and Outreach.

If you are interested in joining the church, new members are welcome anytime. Speak to Rev. Richard G. Reed following morning  worship or see John Burgett, chair of Mission and Outreach.

Membership at Tully United Community Church

By affirming your faith in God as creator and by seeking to follow Jesus Christ in Discipleship, you are welcome to join this fellowship.

In affirmation of the customs of other branches of Christ’s Church, baptized, confirmed Christians of other denominations are welcome to join this fellowship by letter of transfer or affirmation of faith.

Baptism:  Baptism is a requirement for membership in most communions of the Christian faith.  By our own traditions we offer both infant and adult Baptism.

The Dedication and/or the Baptism of Infants are the ways in which we include the children of our members in our church family.  Adult believers baptism, by immersion or sprinkling, is offered to those who affirm their faith by joining our fellowship.

The Lord’s Supper: The table is open to all who seek to love God and follow Jesus as disciples.  Children are welcome at God’s table at the instruction of their parents.

What it Means to be a Member

 Some people come to our church and want to know what it means to be a member, what does it mean to be a full participant in our community?

We are an ecumenical fellowship of Christians who believe in God and who seek to follow Jesus in discipleship.  Our denominational history includes two specific families of Protestant Christians: the American Baptists and the United Methodists.

While we affirm and maintain our ties to these expressions of Christian witness, we seek to be open to all people who seek to love God and live out their life of faith among us.  We have no creeds or doctrinal formula to which our members must ascribe but rather believe in a God given freedom of conscience in regard to matters of religious faith.

The only questions we would ask of those who wish to join us are these: Does our life of Worship and Witness enable you to grow in your life of faith?  Can you sense among us the presence of God’s spirit?  If your answer is yes, then we would ask you to consider membership among us!

We believe that Active Participation in the life of our congregation includes participation in the Worship, Program and Financial life of our community.

We begin with Worship because it is at Worship that the church becomes what she was intended to be.  In Prayer and Worship we find that empowering, enabling and encouraging presence of God.

At worship we catch a glimpse of God’s meaning, purpose and direction for our lives and hopefully discover a new centering presence for our daily living.

The best that can be said about the program life of any church is that it comes from the congregation and reaches out to the entire community.  That would be the overall goal and purpose of the work of our boards and committees.

Our prayer is that their work would be a benefit and blessing to all who come through our doors.  We encourage your participation in our program life as both planners and participants.

All of our Worship and Program life is of course  undergirded solely by the support of our membership.

Each year our Church Council plans a budget to help project the needs of our mission and ministry in these areas.  Our Board of Stewards then strives to enlist congregational support in pledging towards our future.

Hopefully each member of Tully United will consider setting aside a certain percentage of their income to the ongoing ministries of our church.

Working towards the Biblical standard of the Tithe will empower our congregation to minister faithfully to our community.

What are the requirements of membership?

WORSHIP is a high priority for members of our fellowship.  It is the central point of our life together.

Participation in the PROGRAMMATIC LIFE of learning, fellowship and outreach is a commitment expected of members.

As a free-will association of individuals, this church is entirely supported by its membership.  Your FINANCIAL SUPPORT is both welcome and expected.