Our Mission and Values

The mission of the Tully United Community Church is to be an inclusive community of faith, proclaiming the message of God’s love in the teachings of Jesus Christ through worship, teaching and service.

We are an ecumenical fellowship of Christians who believe in God and who seek to follow Jesus in discipleship.  Our history includes two specific denominational families: the American Baptists and the United Methodists.  While we affirm and maintain our ties to these expressions of Christian witness, we seek to be open to all people who seek to love God and live out their life of faith among us.

Our unity celebrates a diversity of gifts and thinking which leads us to open our hearts and minds and doors to all who enter.

We have no creeds or doctrinal formula to which our members must ascribe, but rather believe in a God given freedom of conscience in regard to matters of religious faith.

Our prayer is that at worship we will catch a glimpse of God’s meaning, purpose and direction for our lives and hopefully discover a new centering presence for our daily living.

Our program life is one which seeks to minister to community needs that we might be a benefit and blessing to all who come through our doors.